Project Description:
Four artist studios with residences were created as part of the expansion of the existing arts district, north of Downtown Lubbock. Four zoning areas are distinct within each unit: a work area used to create the artwork, a private area for living, a public area for work display and open house at the monthly art trail, and a private outdoor area for a small garden and a vehicle to the south. A plaza and community space to the north is shared by the entire facility. Total living space 1,625 square feet each unit.

The challenge was to give each unit ADA accessibility, natural light from all four cardinal points, and to weave their activities into the existing context. The success of the project lies in the careful zoning of private/public spaces. Furthermore the studios need to be affordable for the artists, all visual artist: a painter, a goldsmith, a potter, and a painter/sculptor.

The choice of materials echoes the existing industrial context of the Arts District and the railroad to the east. The recycled shipping containers not only make reference to the passing cargo trains, they also serve as storage space and as carports for the vehicles.

The north plaza paving is recycled clay bricks from the city, formerly used on the city streets from the Great Depression.

Overall the project successfully accommodates a complex variety of activities at a relatively modest cost.